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    Probase Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has gone a long way. Starting out from a few plantations locally, our presence is now felt in more than 15 countries worldwide. It’s a journey of transformation – 21 years of impacting the lives of the people in plantation and rural areas worldwide, made possible with dedicated research, production and service teams.
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    Who We Are

    Significantly Enhancing Road Construction

    We have a proven track record of more than 21 years (since 1999) in upgrading unpaved roads into dust-free and mud-free sealed roads which is especially appropriate for rural and feeder roads, transforming such laterite and gravel roads to paved roads, providing communities throughout the world their rights of accessibility.

    Our Mission

    Making soil roads throughout the world no longer muddy or dusty.

    Our Vision

    To become the world class soil sealing Technology Leader.

    Our Values

    Continuous dedication to better roads and better life.
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    Extensive R&D and Quality Control
    Careful design and construction of roads can improve road performance and increase road traffic safety. A well designed and constructed road, however, starts with the road building materials. Taking cognizance of this fact, Probase had invested in the finest and best production technology to produce TX-85 Soil Stabilizer, SH-85 Soil Hardener, and PB-65 Soil Sealant. As an ISO certified company, our products are subjected to rigorous and stringent quality controls and checks before being released to customers.
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    Better Roads, Better Life, Better Future

    How it Works

    Stabilization   Sealing
    Probase TX-85 is mainly used for stabilizing 
    unstable soils to form a stronger road base.
      Revolutionary Soil Sealing Technology
    for waterproofing & dust control.
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