Extensive R&D and Quality Control



    Careful design and construction of roads can improve road performance and increase road traffic safety. A well designed and constructed road, however, starts with the road building materials.
    Taking cognizance of this fact, Probase had invested in the finest and best production technology to produce TX-85 Soil Stabilizer, SH-85 Soil Hardener, and PB-65 Soil Sealant. As an ISO certified company, our products are subjected to rigorous and stringent quality controls and checks before being released to customers.

    Research and Development

    We have our very own laboratory equipped with all the requisite measuring and testing tools and machines to ensure stringent quality control and to conduct extensive R&D activities. This is especially true for our research in the realm of sealing technology as we continuously explore its application.

    We have joint collaborations with universities where we sponsor students for their doctoral course in areas related to road technology and road innovation as part of our continual improvement program.
    The most advanced manufacturing plant to produce road products
    Comprehensive lab equipment | for product testing Road Design, Soil Analysis, & Q.C during construction.

    We are ISO certified
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