Step 1 Stabilization

    TX-85 Soil Stabilizer And Strengthener

    Probase TX-85 Soil Stabilizer & Strengthener is one of the various products available for stabilizing soil roads if such roads do not meet the requirements for sealing. It is an environmental-friendly water-based formula as certified by Malaysia’s SIRIM Berhad, Environment and Bioprocess Technology Centre for Fish Acute Toxicity Test. TX-85 is mainly used for stabilizing unstable soils to form a stronger road base. It is also applicable for curing by mixing it with water to provide a better bond with PB-65 Soil Sealant. During maintenance, it is mixed with soil for patching potholes or depressions.
    The Advantages:
    100% environmentally safe.
    Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-allergenic.
    Water-based liquid form.
    Increases soil strength.
    Lessens water penetration into the soil.
    Reduces water absorption of soil.
      Proven Environmental Friendly
    Using W.H.O Standard
    Toxicity Test.
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    TX - 85 diluted with water
    and sprayed onto the
    treated soil.

    SH-85 Soil Hardener

    Probase SH-85 Soil Hardener is a biotechnological breakthrough generated from waste biomass silica to form “Artificial Laterite”. This soil cement-like product can be used with any type of soil through the formulation of various ratios ranging from 2% to 8%, achieving any California Bearing Ratio (CBR) / Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) tests to meet the different standards and requirements of engineering design. Probase SH-85 Soil Hardener can make the roads as hard as concrete, especially in making soil non-reversible, establishing a permanent solution for soil roads.
    The Advantages:
    A permanent solution.
    Easy adjustment of strength for specific needs.
    The best solution for low volume sealed roads where laterite or gravel are not available.
    Lower costs - higher savings.
    Lower maintenance - virtually vegetation-free.
    Easily handled and applied.
    Stockpiling and transportation not required.
    Environmental friendly.
    Proven Environmental Friendly Using W.H.O Standard Toxicity Test.
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    The villagers provided with
    jobs to construct the road
    to their own village.

    Step 2 Sealing

    PB-65 Soil Sealant

    Probase PB-65 Soil Sealant is an environmental-friendly water-based sealant that is significantly easy to apply by just spraying the soil sealant onto the soil surface using a spray pump. Probase PB-65 can only be applied on stabilized soil surfaces. No heating is required and Probase PB-65 cationic properties are a perfect complement to Probase TX-85 anionic properties.
    The Advantages:
    Mud Free
    Dust Free
    Minimum Maintenance
    Easy to Apply
    Cost Effective
      Proven Environmental Friendly
    Using W.H.O Standard
    Toxicity Test.
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    A Kenyan engineer supervising a local
    worker spraying PB-65 soil sealant and
    feeling proud of building the road for
    their local community.
    One of the completed road using Probase Technology in Eswatini