Road Design

    The performance and durability of roads, besides the uncontrollable weather conditions also depend on traffic load and count. Roads designed using Probase Technology takes into account all the conceivable variables.

    What is the maximum loading?

    Probase Technology design factor is based on ESAL (table as shown below). The load equivalent factor can be designed up to 10 million load axle.

    How long it last?

    One of the design factors in ESAL is design life which could be 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. The most economical design life is 15 or 20 years.
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    Probase Road Design Factor

      ESALY1 = ADT x 365 x PCV x LEF x L x T
    ESALDES = ESALY1 x [(1 + r)n - 1] / r
    Description Units
    Average Daily Traffic ADT
    Percentage of CV (un-laden weight > 1.5 tons) Pcv
    Terrain Factor T
    Lane Distribution Factor L
    Load Equivalent Factor (What is max. loading?) LEF
    Average Annual Traffic Growth Factor r
    Design Life (How long it last?) Years
    Sub-grade CBR CBR %
    Minimum Subgrade CBR Probase PB-65 Seal Sealant Layer
    Stabilized Road Base with minimum CBR 50%
    The 5 1/2 axle truck loaded with 40 tons of lumber on Probase sealed road.   A road designed for 15 years using Probase Technology still performing well after 21 years (since year 1999).