About Us

    Probase Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has gone a long way. Starting out from a few plantations locally, our presence is now felt in more than 15 countries worldwide. It’s a journey of transformation – 18 years of impacting the lives of the people in plantation and rural areas worldwide, made possible with dedicated research, production and service teams.
    Since 1998...
    The launch of Probase Road System back in 1998 with our maiden installation at Nam Heng Plantation, we have dramatically transformed the living experience in plantations and rural areas. Since then we have been actively making soil roads better throughout the world, making it as our personal mission to make roads throughout the world no longer muddy and dusty.
    Probase is an authority in Soil Sealing Technology, being constantly invited to participate and address road building seminars and conferences worldwide. Joint efforts were also carried out in collaboration with Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, a higher learning institution dedicated to road technology. We have our very own R&D facilities in various manufacturing plants throughout the country and beyond to consistently produce the best quality solutions at the lowest possible cost.
      At Probase, we ensure the highest degree of consistency and efficiency by covering every aspect right from manufacturing to installation and maintenance. We aim to fulfill our role as a socially responsible enterprise - enhancing lives while providing greater value to our customers. We acknowledge that this task is too big for us alone to undertake and that we can only achieve our mission by sharing our know-how and our proven technology to entrepreneurs worldwide through joint venture and other forms of technology transfer. Join us in our mission to improve the quality and safety of rural roads and creating a better living environment for rural and plantation residents throughout the world.