Probase – A Total Solution For All Rural Roads


    12 Compelling Reasons To Choose Probase


    Probase Technology

    The road specialist with more than 17 years of proven track record having built more than 10,000 kilometers of roads spread across 15 countries.

    Manufacturing Facility

    Having one of the most advanced manufacturing factories for the production of road products.

    Durable Roads

    17 years old road built in 1999 still performing well with minimum maintenance.

    Cheaper Cost

    Utilizing local resources such as labor and in-situ materials, our costs are more than 50% cheaper than conventional tarmac roads.

    Job Opportunities

    In fulfilling national developmental agenda, we adopt labor-intensive methods to create job opportunities where up to 99% of the job positions such as engineers, supervisors, and operators will be reserved for the local communities.

    Technology Transfer

    Probase transfer of technological knowledge and know-how through both classroom and on-the-job training encompasses both soft skills such as road design, soil analysis, quality control, laboratory operations, project management and hard skills such as sub-base installation, sealing process, road security and maintenance.

    Green Technology

    Probase products are water-based and non-toxic and our usage of in-situ materials with labor-intensive methods helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

    Faster Construction

    Road construction using Probase technology is fast as one project team consisting of 80~100 personnel with the requisite equipment can build 10 kilometers of roads per month or 100 kilometers of roads per annum.

    Easy & Cheap To Maintain

    All that is required of our maintenance crew is 3 general workers and 1 supervisor, a spray-pump and a hand compactor and some of our proprietary Probase products. This maintenance crew can service more than 100 kilometers of roads and represents a simple and cheaper maintenance method for the road.

    Annuity Program

    We have designed this program to assist governments to offload from their balance sheet their financial liabilities by offering the government to pay for such developmental projects by annual installment payments. In other words, we are assuming the financial liabilities on the governments’ behalf through our joint partnerships with private equities or venture capitalists.

    Fulfilling Our Mission

    The Action Plans to fulfill our Corporate Mission of making soil roads throughout the world no longer muddy and dusty entails localizing the operations through the establishment of local corporate entities for project execution and product manufacturing and the recruitment, training and retention of local staff for them to continue the legacy in their home country or abroad.


    To grow organically, we are ready to partner with any prospective public or private enterprise to share our technology culled from our 17 years of experience and continuous R&D activities with the ultimate aim of becoming a truly global enterprise.